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We never imagined that what started off as a vision from two local moms could have grown into what we were blessed with today. Two mothers, one a local teacher and one a local 911 dispatcher designed and executed the first Festival of Hope during the Pandemic when child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation was sky rocketing. What started as a humble small event grew into one of the largest events our community has seen. All of this because of the outpouring support of our community members and local businesses.
If you have not attended one of our annual Festivals you are missing out on a wonderful unique event. We gather local vendors together and join forces with many local nonprofits and community resources to put on a family friendly festival. This festival included a carnival filled with games and prizes.  We have Disney characters and a petting zoo. Our extremely talented musicians perform on our stage, and some entertaining and informational demonstrations by the local K9 Units when they are available. The local Fire Departments joined us allowing the community members to get a close look at their engines. We have some of the top local food vendors serving up some of the most delicious food, desserts, and drinks. There is something for everyone and most importantly, our local community outreaches, non-profits, charities, and resources are able to share their missions with thousands of members of our community. We have been brought to tears by some of the responses we received not only from the community outreach booths but from the community itself. Women who had been trafficked that saw Without Permission and had no idea we even had resources for trafficking victims in our county. Parents of abused children who fell in love with B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse).  A man who lost his spouse and had grieving children who he didn’t know how to help. We were able to give them information on Jessica’s House. There are so many stories of HOPE!
This is why we decided to become an official 501c3 Charity Non-Profit so we could continue to support our community and partner with other local community events and resources to continue to spread Hope throughout the community we love so much.


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